*A VONTADEの洋服は、あくまでカジュアルなモノであるが、「カジュアル=日常的」に着るモノであるが故に、タフで、細部にまでこだわった末永く着れるモノでなくてはならないと考える。母国である日本でモノ作りをする事に拘りを持ち、その高い技術力を背景に、時を経ても価値あるモノ、着ていくほどに味わいを増すようなモノ作りを目指す。

*A VONTADE continually evolves clothing with originality by drawing inspiration from the utilitarian aspects of classic US and European military, workwear, dress and sportswear pieces, while imbuing both a modern sensibility and characteristic Japanese sensitivity. Dedicated to production in Japan, while taking full advantage of our country’s technological advancement with regard to design, materials and functionality, we also carefully consider what tried and tested techniques are worthy of continuing into the future.
In spirit *A VONTADE is casual to the utmost, but since casual apparel is everyday wear we believe it must possess toughness and be wearable for many years to come. With meticulous attention paid to the smallest details, we strive to create clothing that has worth even with the passage of time, developing still greater character as it is worn.

Designer / Kazuyuki Yamakawa